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Trust You

You are already a parenting this new baby, actively making choices and decisions for your child’s well-being. Your parenting will take a more focused shape during labor and birth and your baby’s infancy. And, although, I may hold opinions about what would be best for you and your baby, because we are all human and observers of the world, there is no room for those thoughts during my time as your doula. Therein lies the lack of judgment and the facilitation of a birth with the outcomes that make your birth experience uniquely yours. I can list all the benefits of what doula support can do for your birth (lowered rate of intervention etc...) and postpartum months (more success in breast feeding) as sited by credible sources but you’ve likely been exposed to those reliable statistics and that’s why you’re reading my blog. I think that what’s most important in that list is your emotional outcomes, so to speak. The way that your birth remains in your mind and between you, your baby and your partner can be tremendously improved by the presence of someone who trusts you and your body to know what to do as you bring your child into this new reality. The experience of your specific birth and postpartum is too uniquely yours for me to know ‘what’s best’ for you. But I do know that you deserve empowerment and security, trust and love. And those things, I’ve got plenty of. Nobody can guarantee the course of your birth or how your postpartum months unfold. That’s not the point. The reason I love this work is because it demands connection and honors the humanity in each of us during a deeply human time. Trusting that the unfolding of your baby’s entrance into your family was your most loving and sincere effort, frees you up connect more deeply with your baby from the very start.

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