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**Having Juanita as our doula was a wonderful experience. She met with me up front to discuss my wishes for the birth, then guided me graciously through an experience that hardly resembled our plan! With her by my side, I never panicked or worried about the change of plans or any quick decisions I needed to make because she was so reassuring. She made me feel extremely strong, confident, and supported through the entire process. Juanita is a care giver that will have at my side for the birth of our next child, for sure!

                                                                                            Karyn Lane, Mia's Momma

**What else can be said about this beautiful and loving soul, who has helped me and many other families during life's most difficult and beautiful transitions?  I was blessed to have found Nita and she is truly a member of our family.  We have been fortunate to have her as an ongoing caregiver to my young toddlers, aged 2 and 3.  I knew when I interviewed Nita that I wanted HER and no one else!!  I believe that in life there are no coincidences, and Nita entered our lives when I needed her most.  She has been more than patient, loving and kind under some unusual circumstances since my child's father is now gone.....and she has nurtured and loved both me and my children during the most difficult time I could ever imagine.  We work very well together, and she flexes when I need it and has the most compassionate and empathic heart you could ever imagine.  A professional through and through, she is more than I could ever have asked for ....and then some! Her grounding and loving presence is a constant in our lives.  I wish I could repay her for what she has provided for us over the last few years, but words and money could never compete.   Please reach out to Nita for my personal contact if you would like!  I'm happy to discuss her role with us to anyone who is considering her for Doula services.

                                                                                           Stacy Greene,

                                                                                     Maddox and Hudson's Momma

**What do you look for in a doula?  Here’s my list:


+ Calm, confident, patient


+ Warm, attuned, nurturing


+ Professional, reliable, trustworthy


+ Educated, experienced, and passionate about women.


A good doula is an important ally in the birthing room.  She is present without being obtrusive.  She is calm.  She can intuit how to be helpful without having to be told.  She is adaptable, responding to your needs as they emerge and change throughout the birth.  She is strong, and she empowers you.  She is confident in you and in the process of birth itself. 


Nita is all of these things.  I know, it sounds over the top—but it’s true!


When I met Nita, I knew I had found someone truly special.  What struck me first about her was her professionalism—and her warm, grounded presence.  I had gone through a number of interviews-- I like to be thorough!—and after my husband and I consulted with her, we knew she was the one for us and hired her on the spot.  I’m so glad we did!  She is a gifted caregiver.


Being a doula isn't a hobby or “just a job” for Nita-- it's her profession and it's clearly her calling.  She has empowered us as people and parents.


If you’re considering hiring a doula, meet with her!  She's a wonderful ally to have."                                                                                                    Ann Stoneson, Morgan's Momma

**Nita has been a fantastic caretaker for our family. Her judgment is impeccable, as is her emotional character and ability to hold space. We trust her with our son absolutely, and have never had any concerns about her ability to care for him. She has been with us through personal upheavals and challenging milestones for our son, and has always been a grounding, supportive member of our team. We recommend her without reservation.                                                                         Duff Stoneson, Morgan's Dad

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